AFP Scholarship Spotlight: Rocio Rubio, Assistant Director of Corporate Relations, Holocaust Museum Houston

AFP Greater Houston’s National Philanthropy Day helps fund scholarships for deserving professionals throughout Greater Houston who want to take the next step in their fundraising careers. In this feature, we are highlighting Rocio Rubio, Assistant Director of Corporate Relations, Holocaust Museum Houston.

Rocio’s dedication to corporate and donor relationships shows how scholarship funds raised through National Philanthropy Day are a positive investment for the community. We had a chance to ask Rocio about her experience at AFP Icon, for which she received an AFP scholarship: 

What was your experience at AFP ICON? 

Receiving a scholarship from the AFP Greater Houston Chapter was truly impactful to me. My AFP Icon experience was significant because I was able to learn from seasoned fundraisers who shared their best practices and allowed room for questions. This enabled me to truly analyze my current strategies and think of new strategies to improve fundraising practices in my role.

What is one takeaway you had from the conference that impacts your work at HMH?  

An important takeaway was the power of a simple "thank you." As cliché as it sounds, it made me realize how important timely thank you messages are and their impact. 

How did the conference impact your career? 

The opportunity to learn from seasoned fundraisers who managed to adapt in an ever-changing fundraising field gave me hope for my career and my ability to adapt accordingly.

Thanks to all who support National Philanthropy Day and make it possible for AFP Houston to give these educational experiences to members. Please join us at this year’s National Philanthropy Day celebration on November 11 by visiting our National Philanthropy Day page!